ArtFlex Barcode - Features & Benefits

ArtFlex Barcode Logo - native addon extension to generate Barcodes in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign


  • Easy, Fast, Reliable

    ArtFlex Barcode Plugin allows to create barcodes in a document without leaving the main application. No need for external application.

  • Multiple Barcode Types

    ArtFlex Barcode supports all major barcodes, with new types added regularly. Supported types include: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISSN, ISBN, ITF-14, Code 39, Code 39 HIBC, Code 128, Code 128 HIBC, GS1-128, Codabar, MSI (Modified Plessey), and Laetus Pharma Code (also Miniature).

  • Dynamic Changes

    Barcode settings can be changed dynamically whenever it is needed – even after saving, closing, and reopening the document.

  • Illustrator & InDesign Compatibility

    Same features, same interface, same reliability in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.






ArtFlex Barcode Plugin makes magnification changes simple. It detects the barcode's settings when it is selected. Scale reference points help to choose the right scaling direction.

Magnif 2x 144x.png
BWR 2x 144.png

Bar Width Reduction


ArtFlex Barcode’s Bar Width Reduction (BWR) feature adjusts the bar thickness to compensate for press gain which can occur during the print process. BWR helps to avoid a frequent print issue when the ink spread is too strong and therefore the code readability is decreased.

Human Readable Interpretation (HRI)


ArtFlex Barcode allows to position HRI on the bottom or top of the barcode, align them left, right, or center, and change their tracking. This function works for all barcode types that support HRI positioning options.

Text 2x.png
Font 2x.png

Custom Font


Besides the built-in OCR-B font, ArtFlex Barcode plugin allows to use of any font available in the operator's working station. Tracking, vertical shift, and size of the font can be amended to achieve the best results.

Snap to Output Resolution

ArtFlex Barcode’s Snap to Output Resolution option adjusts the barcode automatically to create a pixel-perfect match to the indicated resolution. This feature can be useful for print tool preparation.


Resolution 2x.png
Presets 2x.png


Presets contain values specified by the user in the ArtFlex Barcode window. Thanks to presets users can create a barcode in Illustrator and open it in InDesign or vice versa. The barcodes have identical specifications, look the same and can be handled identically in both Illustrator and InDesign applications.

HIBC Code Assistant

ArtFlex Barcode includes professional support for HIBC barcodes, helping the user incorporate information accurately. Concatenated Data Structure combines the information provided in Primary and Secondary Data Structure and shows up in the Code field.

HIBC 2x.png

GS1 Code Assistant

GS1 Code Assistant will make a detailed analysis of the code and in case the code is wrong the plugin will show up a warning. GS1 Code Assistant checks the format, but not the date and other information.

And many other great features...