ArtFlex QR

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Features & Benefits

  • Free for First 10 000 Subscribers!

    If you are one of the first 10 000 subscribers, ArtFlex QR will be completely FREE for you to use for your personal and professional projects!

  • Easy and Fast

    ArtFlex QR is versatile and simple to use, creating reliable codes fast.

  • Accurate

    With ArtFlex QR you can create the most complex 177x177 QR codes and 144x144 Data Matrixes.

  • Dynamic Changes

    You can change your code settings dynamically whenever you want – even after you’ve saved, closed and reopened your document.

  • Familiar Interface

    ArtFlex QR extension is native to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, with the same familiar look and feel, so it’s intuitive and convenient.



Data Matrix Support

With ArtFlex QR, you can also create Data Matrix. These two-dimensional matrix barcode encode text or raw data as a pattern of black and white square modules, for data from a few bytes up to 2 kilobytes. Incorporating error correction codes to ECC200 standards ensures the symbols can be read even if they’re partially damaged.

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Multiple Code Types

ArtFlex QR supports all the popular QR and Data Matrix codes automatically recognized by reading devices, including Text, URL, vCard, SMS, Phone Call, Email, Geolocation, Event and WiFi.


Advanced Options

ArtFlex QR gives you control over advanced options such as Safe Area size or Code Level of Reliability. You can also choose the size of the code yourself, or let the extension do it for you automatically.

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Settings Database

ArtFlex QR lets you save and export specific barcode settings for reuse later or to share with your team.